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Planting one million trees every year.

Helping urban cities on responsible waste management


Supporting local farmers, helping them with agriculture support


We have taken our forests for granted, assuming they are inexhaustible in their capacity to regulate climate,  harbor biodiversity, provide clean water, replenish aquifers, mitigate natural hazards, and cradle indigenous cultures. We were wrong.  

Unrelenting population growth, consumption, and deforestation have severely hindered their ability to sustain human populations and biodiversity at the local, regional, and global scale. Now is the time to save forests.

Get to Know Us

ZWIC is the environmental division of Lovedale Foundation, a nonprofit entity since 2002, formed with the objective to plant trees , reduce carbon neutrality, facilitate recycling of all kinds of dry and recyclable waste and thus contribute towards cleaner and greener environment. We also specialize in collection and aggregation of all packaging waste in a professional and organized manner backed by technology.

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